The Reinert Family- Testimonial

I don’t even know where to begin without babbling on about all the wonderful aspects of Tender Care… I couldn’t imagine anyone else raising my two boys. I love the fact that Tender Care does not sit the kids in front of the TV all day – in fact there is no TV. The kids are too busy having fun with gardening, composting, arts & crafts, music & movement, games and many other fun activities to help them learn and grow. All of these wonderful activities helped shape and prepare my now 2nd grader for school. With Tender Care we didn’t need “pre-school”. With the devotion and positive attention each child is given my son was well prepared for kindergarten. He started school knowing how to spell his name, counting, colors, shapes and letters. My other son will be starting kindergarten this year and he is just as prepared as his big brother was.

Communication between the parent and Tender Care is great! You are never left in the dark about your child’s day to day activities and meals. I love receiving precious pictures and videos of my son every day along with weekly emails about activities and the menu for the week. Speaking of menu for the week… WOW. The meals and snacks provided are mostly all organic, whole food or right from their garden! I love that Tender Care has the children help prepare/cook lunch, set the table and serve the snacks and meals family style. My boys love to help in the kitchen at home and eat a big variety of healthy foods – I owe this to Tender Care. And another thing I love about Tender Care is the gardening. I love when my son gives me a tour of the 

Tender Care garden showing me all the cool veggies and fruits they plant and eat. Watching my son pull snow peas off the vine and shove them in his mouth brings a smile to my face. It reminds me just how fortunate we are to have Tender Care.Tender Care even embraces the parents. The thoughtful crafts the kids make just because or for special days like Mother’s and Father’s day always bring a tear to my eye. My favorites are the homemade cards. I really appreciate the Parent meetings Tender Care holds. They are always fun and educational. And it’s a great way to get to know the other kids and parents. With their hands full they still manage to feed the kids and parents dinner, have a raffle and a guest speaker on wonderful and informative topics relating to children.

Tender Care is not a day care… Judy, Randy and Anna are family. The kids adore them. My 2nd grader is so excited when he gets to visit and spend time at Tender Care. He can’t get through the door fast enough and embrace Randy and Judy with big hugs. I know my boys will always have a safe place to go to even when they are older. It is bitter sweet when you pick your child up and they don’t want to go home. That speaks volumes to me.

Thank you Tender Care for your dedication and love for my boys!

The Reinert Family