Summer Dellek- Testimonial

If you are looking for a quality Family Child Care, Tender Care is your goldmine! This provider is a gift to all children that attend and will offer all parents ease of mind with the quality of service. That is a promise!

Words really cannot fully describe how much of a treasure Tender Care is. Behind this amazing Family Child Care is Judy Randant, a woman who has dedicated her life to caring for and teaching our children. She is committed to teaching our children to respect the earth through actively composting, gardening, recycling and being “green” with the kids on a daily basis. She is concerned for our children’s health and makes sure to provide nutritious meals and snacks as well as giving unending opportunity for active play and exercise every day. She is devoted to challenging our kids and helping their brains develop by offering enriching games as well as making even the smallest tasks a learning opportunity (did you know sorting and folding laundry is early math development?). Judy is such a remarkable provider!

I don’t dare leave out the “man of the house” Randy. The children just adore his goofy spirit and it’s great to know they have such a wonderful male role model in their lives every day while at child care. My girls love to ask him to tell stories and they often repeat them at home for me. I also cannot forget to mention the Tender Care assistant Ana. She is kind and is a very hard worker. The kids enjoy having her around at Tender Care.

My daughters are now 9 and 10, but they have been at Tender Care since they were each 3 months old. I contribute a lot of their success at school to be from the rich environment they grew up in at Tender Care. Both of my daughters were well prepared for Kindergarten and have always been top of their classes. They have great social skills and the fundamentals for their classroom learning were already set well before they were even enrolled in Elementary School. I really do not know what we would have done if Tender Care was not available for my daughters as they were growing up…….I am convinced they would not be as well rounded or educated if they had not had such a phenomenal upbringing with the help of Judy and Randy at Tender Care. This place is such a blessing!

Do yourself and your child a favor and set up a visit to this wonderful establishment as soon as you can… will not regret it!

A very grateful customer, Summer Dellek