Phoebe P.- Testimonial

This is a letter of recommendation for Tender Care Preschool and Day Care. My daughter attended Tender Care for two years, and had a very positive experience. She continues to have fond memories of Tender Care and warm regard for Judy and Randy Randant.

Tender Care is very much like having an extended family to help with your children, except they take great care to present developmentally appropriate activities for the kids. The children receive individualized attention in regard to their activities and learning speed. Judy will give feedback at great lengths to parents about the activities of the day and how your child responded and learned. These included things such as counting games, reading activities, motor skill activities, and physical challenges such as obstacle courses.

The best thing about Tender Care for our daughter was the exposure to socialization. Before attending, she was the typical cautious child, hiding behind parents’ legs in a social situation. Upon entering kindergarten, she had no problem socializing on her own in the classroom, making friends, and relating to teachers and other adults. It was a great transformation.

Another wonderful positive about Tender Care is the nutrition program. Children are served meals and snacks “family style” so that they may serve themselves. Judy and Randy do a great job of exposing kids to a variety of foods, and encourage them to try new things.

They also did a great job of taking the children out into the world, with walks around the neighborhood, “field trips” to the local lake, and other excursions. Judy and Randy presented special treats for the kids, as well, such as a yearly Holiday trip to see the lights in Balboa Park, and extra opportunities for parents, such as a night meeting with a positive discipline expert.

If you are considering a warm, family-like atmosphere where your child will thrive, Tender Care is a great choice.


Phoebe P.