Nora Aquino- Testimonial

We highly recommend “Tender Care” to all parents!!! It’s a wonderful, nourishing and unique environment for kids. Judy, Randy and Ana go above and beyond for every child they take in. They foster and teach the kids the importance of taking care of our planet!! And what’s even more amazing is that the kids love the whole experience because they learn to do so, in an incredibly fun, creative and interactive way.

There is no other place quite like “Tender Care” they look at each child as a whole and respect their curious nature, energy, creativity and individual needs.

They have so much material, games, information and wonderful techniques and ideas, that our kids loved learning and spending their days at “Tender Care”. So much so, that they would always cry and/or complained when I picked them up, because they never wanted to leave!!! I think there’s no better sign and nothing will give you more peace of mind than to know your kids are extremely happy!!! And the simple reason why they are so happy at “Tender Care” is that they feel loved and right at home!!!

Another incredible perk is that you won’t find a more, nutritious and balanced menu anywhere else!! (maybe not even in your own home). Judy strives and does an awesome job when it comes to the type of breakfast, snacks and lunch she prepares … oh! and did I mention the kids help her out too??!!! They set the table, they help prepare the food, they serve themselves and learn to eat a well balanced meal – they can choose from various fruits, veggies, grains, salmon, whole grain pizza and much, much more – and many times they are eating right from Tender Care’s garden or the Community Garden, they literally eat the fruits of their hard work.

I could go on and on, but I don’t want to lose the future parents of “Tender Care” with an extra- long letter!! Both my husband and I trusted and loved Judy, Randy and Ana for taking such wonderful care of our most precious blessings … our two children!!! 

We honestly don’t know of a better place than “Tender Care”

Nora Aquino