Nicole Winfield- Testimonial

Judy and Randy Randant provided childcare for my son Jaden from the time he was three until he turned six. During that time, I have had the pleasure of seeing him grow from a toddler to a school ager. I credit most of his development to Judy and Randy. I could not have placed Jaden in a better place. Jaden would be upset on the days that he was not able to go. He compared Tender care to Disneyland. I was always nervous about placing Jaden in childcare, which is why I waited until he was 3 to do so. I wish that I knew about Tender care when he was a baby. If I had I would have felt completely comfortable sending my 4 month old baby to Judy and Randy. 

The thing that appealed to me most when I first went to visit Tender Care is the amount of time they spent working with the children. Their day is spent doing math activities and literacy activities. They spent their time playing various games, reading books, music/ movement and outdoor activities. When Jaden reached school age and was ready for Kindergarten, we decided that we would continue to send him to Tender care after school and on vacations/holidays. I often tell Judy that I wish I could have Jaden there until he graduates high school.

The meals that they feed the children are unbelievable. All of their meals and snacks are served family style. Much of the food is organic, whole food that is minimally processed. Judy even sits down with them for lunch to help encourage them to try new foods, and to model table etiquette. Jaden still reminds me on a weekly basis to email Judy and ask for her recipe because it was so much better than the dinner I have cooked. A typical meal for lunch would be salmon, brown rice, fruit and a vegetable.

Jaden learned so many life long lessons and habits thanks to Judy and Randy. He would come home telling me all about water harvesting, solar, gardens, composting and recycling. Jaden was a very shy child initially, but Judy always made him feel included and part of their family. They taught him how to express himself, get along and respect others and other important self help skills. I credit Tender care with getting him completely prepared for Kindergarten. I could not imagine my life without Judy and Randy. They are now part of our family and even though Jaden is not regularly going to Tender Care they will always be a part of our family. 

I am forever grateful for Tender Care and recommend them to anyone that wants a healthy fun environment for their child. Leaving your children with other people can be a terrifying experience, but Tender Care showed me firsthand how wonderful the experience can be.

Nicole Winfield