Kip & Jennifer Fujimoto- Testimonial

Dear Parents;

It is with great pleasure that we write this letter to express our wonderful experience with Judy and Randy Randant of Tender Care Preschool. Our son started in the spring of 2011 at the age of three. He continued full time until the fall of 2013, when he advanced to kindergarten. He still drops in on days he does not have school and is always asking, “When do I see Judy and Randy, again?”

Our experience has been so fulfilling, much above our expectations. Tender Care is an Eco-friendly environment. The children enjoy many outdoor activities, not limited to gardening, hiking, crafts, and investigating and learning about nature. The wonderful meals are organic and prepared by hand. None of that yucky “boxed” stuff! The children are involved in assisting with meal preparations, by chopping, measuring and setting the table to dine family style. Our son was always looking forward to “salad bar” day or “burrito bar” day, not only to eat the yummy food, but be a helping hand and prepping alongside his fellow playmates.

Each day Judy and Randy have new activities for the children to take part in. All the activities are learning based. For example, setting the table involves math, counting and subtracting. There are many activities that involve shapes, sizes, color, letters, sounds, and texture. The children are involved in taking care of the garden and enjoying the bounty it offers. They take great pride in working with the children and encouraging their interest in learning.

Tendercare also takes great steps with parent involvement. Quarterly they host an evening event for the parents on a new topic, such as, vocabulary and sound, nutrition, child development and awareness, and also fun events for the holidays. The parents learn great stuff and enjoy wonderful food with good company. We cannot say enough good things about Judy and Randy at Tendercare. Our experience will last a lifetime. They take great pride in making each child’s experience meaningful and fulfilling. Judy and Randy are truly dedicated to their career and are outstanding people to have the opportunity to know!

Thank you!!

Kip & Jennifer Fujimoto

April 2014