Hannah V.- Testimonial

Tendercare is a once in a lifetime kind of experience for your child. I often say that they are the parents we strive to be to our own child. Your little one will get thoughtfully prepared organic and not overly processed meals, sometimes with ingredients from their community garden. Yes, you heard me…they have a community garden and a front yard garden that the kids get to help out in. They have an art studio, large sandbox room and basically an obstacle course in the backyard with a swing that is so popular that Randy has to put a timer on it so everyone gets their fair turn. I love that they provide toothbrushing after lunch to get the little ones on a positive oral health habit. They are very eco friendly and use cloth diapers, hand towels instead of paper towels and non-toxic cleaners/ soaps. Despite all these other positive traits, their main assets are the people who are part of the Tendercare Team. Your kids will be in very experienced and capable hands with Judy, Ana and Randy. It makes me sad to know that we are also saying bye to the awesome parent relationships that this place somehow fosters…it is so hard to make adult friendships! I’m almost pained to write this review because we want to keep this gem a secret! Trust me, come take a tour. =)

Hannah V.