Z. Jack

To Whom it May Concern, It’s my pleasure to recommend Tender Care to be your little one’s child care provider. During the half year of their attendance, my five year old son and two year old daughter were provided the best experience they could ever have. They provided appropriate and fun learning activities to help […]

Hannah V.

Tendercare is a once in a lifetime kind of experience for your child. I often say that they are the parents we strive to be to our own child. Your little one will get thoughtfully prepared organic and not overly processed meals, sometimes with ingredients from their community garden. Yes, you heard me…they have a […]

Nicole Winfield

Judy and Randy Randant provided childcare for my son Jaden from the time he was three until he turned six. During that time, I have had the pleasure of seeing him grow from a toddler to a school ager. I credit most of his development to Judy and Randy. I could not have placed Jaden […]

Nora Aquino

We highly recommend “Tender Care” to all parents!!! It’s a wonderful, nourishing and unique environment for kids. Judy, Randy and Ana go above and beyond for every child they take in. They foster and teach the kids the importance of taking care of our planet!! And what’s even more amazing is that the kids love […]

Summer Dellek

If you are looking for a quality Family Child Care, Tender Care is your goldmine! This provider is a gift to all children that attend and will offer all parents ease of mind with the quality of service. That is a promise! Words really cannot fully describe how much of a treasure Tender Care is. […]

Phoebe P.

This is a letter of recommendation for Tender Care Preschool and Day Care. My daughter attended Tender Care for two years, and had a very positive experience. She continues to have fond memories of Tender Care and warm regard for Judy and Randy Randant. Tender Care is very much like having an extended family to […]

Corrie, Nathan and Zack

Dear Judy and Randy, I can’t believe that four years has gone by since Zack first began attending Tender Care. I guess time really does fly by when you’re having fun! I have a very heavy heart because today is Zack’s last official day at Tender Care before going off to Kindergarten. I can’t believe […]

The McGees

Oh ‘Tender Care” how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…  To put it simply, Judy, Randy and Ana at ‘Tender Care’ run the best quality child care I have ever seen. I call it a child care, but make no mistake; it is structured more like a preschool. Judy strongly believes that […]

Jessica and Greg

Entry 1 Judy takes extra time to send out emails providing detail of daily activities, as well as the weekly menu. Sometimes pick up or drop off is a quick exchange. It is very helpful to receive these emails providing detail for activity, if you do not have time to talk about it in the […]

The Reinert Family

I don’t even know where to begin without babbling on about all the wonderful aspects of Tender Care… I couldn’t imagine anyone else raising my two boys. I love the fact that Tender Care does not sit the kids in front of the TV all day – in fact there is no TV. The kids […]