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    I started taking my daughter to Tendercare when she was two years old. We came from a daycare facility where the staff was experiencing high turn-over, which concerned me (never experienced this at Tendercare). Judy, Randy and Anna were amazing. They cared for my daughter with love and respect, they potty trained her with dignity, they studied my individual child and met her needs. This helped immensely with parenting as we had to always be on the same page. In turn, my daughter thinks the world of them, she thinks of the them as family.
    At Tendercare, they go on daily adventures, they garden, dance, read, write, draw, sing, play, you name it. They’re just allowed to be kids. In turn, Judy and Randy became like adopted grandparents, I cannot express enough how thankful I am to have them in our lives. If you’re looking for someone to actually care for the whole child (mind, body, spirit), Judy is that person. She studies the child and always advocates for their best interest. Rare in today’s world!

    Megan C.
    Happy Parent
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